Healthy Spread – Original Mini – 40 gram

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Compact Convenience

The Original Mini by Healthy Spread is a testament to the brand’s commitment to convenience and health. Packaged in a 40-gram unit, it offers the perfect portion size for a quick snack, minimizing waste and ensuring freshness with every serving. This size is ideal for packing in lunchboxes, storing in office drawers, or carrying in your bag as a healthy snack option while traveling.

Bulk Packaging for Everyone

With a package containing 96 items, the Original Mini is not only suitable for individual consumption but also perfect for families, offices, or events where nutritious snacking options are desired. This bulk packaging ensures that you always have a healthy treat on hand, ready to satisfy your hunger or cravings without compromising your dietary goals.

Pure, Wholesome Ingredients

The cornerstone of Healthy Spread’s Original Mini is its commitment to using only the finest, health-oriented ingredients. This product is created with a focus on natural, nutritious components, offering a guilt-free way to enjoy a delicious snack. Whether you’re looking for a mid-morning snack or a light afternoon treat, the Original Mini provides a healthy alternative to traditional, processed snack options.

Versatility in Use

Despite its small size, the Original Mini boasts a versatile range of uses. It can be spread on toast, mixed into smoothies, or used as a topping for your favorite fruits, making it a multifaceted addition to your diet. Its compact size encourages portion control while allowing you to indulge in a healthy, satisfying treat.

The Healthy Spread Promise

Healthy Spread is dedicated to providing products that enhance your well-being without sacrificing taste. The Original Mini embodies this philosophy, offering a snack that is not only convenient and tasty but also aligns with your health and nutritional needs. By choosing the Original Mini, you’re opting for a snack that supports your healthy lifestyle choices.


The Healthy Spread Original Mini is an innovative snack option that marries convenience with nutrition. Its 40-gram size is perfect for on-the-go snacking, and with 96 items per package, you’ll be well-stocked with healthy treats that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. Embrace a healthier snacking habit without giving up on taste with Healthy Spread’s Original Mini.

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