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Optimal Protein for Muscle Synthesis

Every serving of Novogen Pharma Mass Gainer delivers a robust 50g of high-quality protein, essential for the synthesis of new muscle tissue and the repair of existing fibers. This significant amount of protein ensures that your muscles have the necessary building blocks to grow bigger and stronger, particularly after intense training sessions.

High-Energy Carbohydrates and Calories

To support the rigorous demands of heavy lifting and intensive workouts, each serving includes 252g of carbohydrates and 1250 calories. This potent combination serves as the primary energy source for your muscles, fueling them through strenuous activities and aiding in recovery post-exercise. The high caloric content is specially designed to help those looking to gain weight and build mass, providing the energy surplus needed for anabolic growth.

Delicious Chocolate Flavor for Enjoyable Consumption

The Chocolate flavor of Novogen Pharma Mass Gainer makes each shake a delicious treat, ensuring that you look forward to your post-workout or meal replacement shakes. This focus on flavor helps maintain consistency in your supplementation routine, making it easier to consume the nutrients necessary for your growth and recovery goals.

Designed for Serious Athletes and Bodybuilders

Novogen Pharma Mass Gainer is the ultimate solution for athletes, bodybuilders, and anyone dedicated to significantly increasing their muscle mass and body weight. Whether you find it challenging to consume enough calories through your regular diet or you need additional support for muscle recovery, this mass gainer is designed to propel you towards your targets.


Novogen Pharma Mass Gainer stands as a premium supplement choice for those committed to reaching their muscle mass and weight goals. With each serving offering a balanced blend of protein, carbohydrates, calories, and essential vitamins, all wrapped up in a delicious Chocolate flavor, it provides a comprehensive solution to support your journey towards greater strength, size, and overall health. Whether you’re pushing the limits of muscle growth or seeking to ensure your body remains robust and nourished, Novogen Pharma Mass Gainer is your ally in achieving excellence.

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