Organic Nation – Casein-30Serv.- 900G-Chocolate

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Keep your muscles supported with protein for extended periods of time through casein protein as it will take a longer time to be absorbed by your muscles, giving it longer support to them with protein and amino acids to stay away from muscle hunger.


About Organic Nation Casein: 

A casein protein supplement that will support your muscles with micellar casein and will take up to eight hours to be totally consumed by your muscles, which makes it through the top of the effective “anti-catabolic” supplements to assist preventing muscle breakdown, and build your muscle mass stronger through the time, and because it helps in increasing muscle mass, casein protein can facilitate in fat loss to achieve your ideal weight and gain lean muscles over time.


  •  Up to eight hours of muscle feeding: each scoop of Organic Nation Casein contains a dose rich in micellar casein to stay supporting your muscles for longer periods to stop muscle break down and helps in increasing your muscle mass.
  •  Essential amino acids support: like different animal protein supplements, casein could give you a complete amino acids supply, which makes it support your body with the essential amino acids to assist your body in its growth and muscle repair.
  •  Can facilitate fat loss: as your muscle mass increase, your body’s fat mass decreases, and besides, when using casein protein and thanks to its slow digestion, it’ll cause you to feel full for extended periods of your time, and reduce your daily calorie consumption through the day which is able to end in losing your fats in an additional effective manner.


How to Use Organic Nation Casein:

 Mix 1 scoop (33g) of Organic Nation casein with 200 ml of water or milk and shake it well in a shaker or container.

  • Product Weight : 900 Gram