Touch Zenouki – Glass Kettle Emerald 40326

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Sophisticated Design and Quick Boiling The Touch Zenouki Glass Kettle Emerald 40326 epitomizes the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality. Powered by an 1800 Watt heating element, it ensures water reaches boiling point swiftly, streamlining your preparation of hot beverages or meals. The kettle’s glass body not only elevates your kitchen’s decor but also offers the pleasure of watching the water boil, enhanced by an elegant blue light that illuminates during operation, adding a captivating ambiance to your space.

Safety Features Prioritizing safety, the Emerald 40326 is equipped with an auto shut-off function, automatically powering down once boiling is achieved, thus preventing overheating and promoting energy efficiency. The kettle’s boil dry protection feature adds an extra layer of safety, automatically deactivating the kettle if it runs out of water, to prevent potential damage and ensure user safety.

Quality and Durability At the heart of the kettle lies a concealed Stainless steel 18/10 heating element, chosen for its durability and ease of maintenance. This element not only facilitates quick boiling but also ensures the water is pure and free from any unpleasant tastes, making every hot drink a delightful experience.

User-Friendly Design The Emerald 40326 enhances user experience with its thoughtful design features. A safety lock lid guarantees no spills or burns by securing the lid during use, while clear water level marks inside the kettle enable precise filling. Its generous 1.8-litre capacity makes it ideal for both family use and entertaining guests. Furthermore, the 360° cordless base allows for effortless handling, accommodating both left and right-handed users alike.

Added Convenience Incorporating a filter, the kettle ensures the water you boil is of the highest quality, by capturing any impurities. This feature, coupled with the kettle’s compatibility with 220-240 V and 50/60 Hz power supplies, underscores its versatility and suitability for use in various global locales.


The Touch Zenouki Glass Kettle Emerald 40326 stands as a testament to the harmonious combination of style, efficiency, and safety. Whether you’re kick-starting your day with a fresh cup of coffee, hosting a tea party, or in need of boiling water for culinary purposes, this kettle is designed to meet your needs with reliability and flair. Its captivating design, coupled with practical features, makes it an indispensable and stylish addition to any modern kitchen.


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